2. IWI that can be displayed with EvaCva-sustainable

IWI that can be displayed with EvaCva-sustainable (Calculated monetary value in 2010)


Calculation flow of IWI

  • Note)
  • *1) It is calculated by using the productive efficiency of each human capital that depends on
  • a capital state of the allocation. (After calculating other capitals )
  • *2) The rental rate indicates the profit margin at that time when the capital is increased by
  • one unit. Because it is a profit margin here when the producer increases one unit capital,
  • you may read it in a different way as the margin rate (= (for sales production cost) / sales).
  • *3) The head of a river training, the water pickup, the climate easing, and the soil conservation
  • function are contained.
  • *4) The depletion of the natural capital according to the carbon dioxide emission and adjustment
  • of depletion natural capital according to resources trade etc are contained.
  • *5) The adjustment factors are added after the Inclusive Wealth index is calculated, and it is
  • called Adjusted Inclusive Wealth Index.
  • Source:Managi, S. (Eds.) 2016. “The Wealth of Nations and
  • Regions.” Routledge, New York, USA.

To learn about the calculation method in more detail, click here (in Japanese.)