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【Source of Data】

e-Stat:Portal Site of Official Statistics of Japan
E-stat is a portal site for Japanese Government Statistics. You can search statistics produced by all ministries in the Government, visualize statistics with maps and charts, learn the basic terms and codes of statistical data.

National Land Numerical Information: National Land Numerical Information download service
The National Land Numerical Information represents numerical data prepared from information related to the national lands to support the promotion and formulation of land planning such as the Comprehensive National Development Plan, National Land Use Planning, and National Spatial Strategy.

TEEB Valuation Database : Ecosystem service valuation database
On this page you find the TEEB Valuation Database. It is made available as an Excel-file together with the database report, two TEEB chapters and a short introduction for users.The Excel file includes 4 worksheets: 1) Front; 2) Introduction; 3) Variables; 4) The database.

【Lab. of university and Institute etc.】
:KYUSHU UNIVERSITY, Department of Civil Engineering Managi Lab.
This is the website of Prof. Managi’s lab. Prof. Managi is Distinguished Professor and a director of Urban Research Center.He is the author of “Inclusive Wealth Report 2012” and organizes the Inclusive Wealth Project.

Lab. for Urban Transformation : University of TSUKUBA, Systems and Information Engineering Lab. for Urban Transformation
This is the website of Prof. Taniguchi’s lab. They are researching urban planning with a focus on the problem that occurs in the future. Prof. Taniguchi is a Japan Urban Planning Society of urban structure evaluation Special Committee.

IWI : Inclusive Wealth Index project

NCP : Natural Capital Protocol

WBCSD(SDG Business Hub)


【Mutual link】
Urban structure visualization:Visualizes statistics for individual areas on the map
In order to easily understand the current situation of the city, “Fukuoka Prefecture”, “National Research and Development Institute of Building Research Institute”, “Japan Urban Planning Society of urban structure evaluation Special Committee” has released the site to visualize the various data of the city .It is possible to view a lot of data, such as “aging of the statistical data” and “public transportation usage” on the map.