2. Find Inclusive Wealth Index (Capital)

Find Inclusive Wealth Index (Natural Capital, Human Capital, Produced Capital)

To find the effectiveness of the sustainable development goals (SDGs), Inclusive Wealth Index (IWI) is provided.
At Urban Institute of Kyushu University, Professor Shunsuke Managi organizes the Inclusive Wealth Project, providing wealth and capital data with richness in data of the region. The value of the new wealth of nations index of the municipal district town and village was calculated. In EvaCva-sustainable, each index value in monetary unit of 2010 offered from the Prof. Managi are displayed.


For detail, please see followings;

Managi, S. (Eds.) 2016. “The Wealth of Nations and Regions.” Routledge, New York, USA.

Managi, S., and K. Kuriyama. 2016. “Environmental Economics.” Routledge, New York, USA

Invesitgate IWI

Item of IWI that can be displayed with EvaCva-sustainable and method of calculating value ⇒ Please click here

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