2. Find Ecosystem services

Find Ecosystem services

Natural Capital: Animals / Plants / Water / Air / Soil -> Ecosystem Services  *1 Provisioning Services: Food, raw materials, fresh water, etc. Regulating Services: Waste-water treatment, erosion prevention, etc. Habitat or Supporting services: Habitats for species etc. Cultural Services: Tourism etc.

We human beings receive many blessings from nature. The water, air, soil, and living things (such as plants and animals) are considered to be capital (natural capital) that brings forth nature’s blessings. Of the blessings of nature, we call things that are derived from biodiversity, in which there are various living things involved with one another, “ecosystem services.” With EvaCvasustainable, it is possible to display the results of conducting value conversion on some ecosystem services.

*1 Reference:
TEEB – The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity for Local and Regional Policy Makers (2010)

Investigate the values of ecosystem services that can be gained from natural capital.

Ecosystem service items that can be displayed with EvaCvasustainable

A part of the ecosystem service can be currently viewed.

Resources Provisioning Services Regulating Services
  1. 2. Surface Erosion
  2. 3. Surface Collapse
  3. 4. Water Storage
  4. 5. Water Purification
  5. 6. Carbon Storage
  6. 7. Fossil Fuel Substitution
  1. 1. Agricultural Products
  1. 8. Soil Erosion
  2. 9. Air Purification
  3. 10. Climate Mitigation

Procedure for the value conversion of ecosystem services

Area of forests, agricultural land, etc. / Regional characteristics: Ease of soil corrosion / Amount of precipitation / Housing configuration, etc. -> Conversion of ecosystem services into monetary values *2 -> EvaCva display example *2 References: TEEB - The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity for Local and Regional Policy Makers (2010) / 日本学術会議「地球環境・人間生活にかかわる農業および森林の多面的な機能の評価について」(答申)2001 / 農業総合研究所「代替法による農業・農村の公益的機能評価」1998

To learn about the calculation method in more detail, click here (in Japanese.)