Find Regional Characteristics

You can find out the Japanese regional characteristics using open data through the comparison of cities, wards, towns and villages. The data sources in use and the definition of the indicators are listed in the page of "About EvaCva."

Find Regional Natural Capital

You can see the blessing from the nature in Japan converted into the economic value in through the comparison of cities, wards, towns and villages.

Instructions of EvaCva (in Japanese)
Recommended browser
Internet Explore11, Google Chrome

Acquire Data(in japanese)

The open data used in EvaCva is saved as Linked Open Data (LOD) to facilitate linking with other data. You can acquire this data in this system.
The data concerning the natural capital cannot be acquired.

Find out characteristics of your city of residence
Local government employees:
Objectively grasp issues in your local government for the future planning
Store owners:
Know the characteristics of the region where you might plan a new store
Urban development companies:
Know the regional characteristics of the district where you might develop
Easily investigate cities nationwide to introduce them in the classroom or research


More news

February 16, 2016
This EvaCva website is now available in English.